About DanD

Distribution and Display (DanD) was established in 2007 in response to a demand for the unique mix of logistics and support services required for community consultation projects.

DanD specialise in infrastructure, major development and large scale community education projects. We have worked with state and local government, public infrastructure and utility providers, major corporates, consultancies as well as community groups.

DanD has been instrumental in the development of patented GPS cloud management application established by Manage My Post. It is this partnership that allows us to effectively manage our staff and ensure 100% coverage for our client’s projects.

Recent Projects

M4 Widening
City South East Light Rail
Northern Beaches B-Line
Sydney Metro
The Northern Road Upgrade
Northern Beaches Hospital
Sun Herald City to Surf

DanD provide a range of distribution services to ensure that your communications reach the right stakeholders. Jobs range from small areas of less than 50 (See Map) to extensive areas covering multiple local government areas (See Map) with quantities ranging from 20,000 to more than 200,000. On request, we can also provide coverage in the central and south coast regions and into the western areas of Sydney which often include semi-rural and industrial precincts.

Our People

Peter Richardson


Oliver Young


Michelle Liu

Office Manager

James Catania

Customer Service Manager

Mathew Wilson

Operations Manager

Kathleen Bridge

Customer Service

Jack Ecclestone

Operations Supervisor

Jean-Louis Jones

Operations Supervisor